Fabulous shoes at Paris Fashion Week. Joy Overstreet, Portland's Personal Color Analyst, ColorStylePDX.com

What shoes should I wear?

Where to look: Face or Feet? Your custom color palette helps you choose clothes that will draw positive attention to your face, making you seem as attractive, authentic and credible as possible. Why so much focus on the face? Because we unconsciously seek clues about who we’re dealing with by looking at a person’s eyes and facial expression. After all, your boss, clients and co-workers […]

Annecy, France. Joy Overstreet, Portland's personal analyst, ColorStylePDX.com

Au revoir, mes chères amies…

  Bon voyage à moi! I’m off for a month in France– to soak in the scenery, drink du bon vin, and enjoy my French family. [Read about the capsule wardrobe I’ve packed here.] Je suis désolée (I’m very sorry) I can’t bring you along and that I won’t be around to create  custom personal palettes for the next 30 […]

Color palette for a five-week trip in a carry-on

Packing panic? Personal Palette to the Rescue!

I’m heading out for a five week trip, mostly in France. Long trips send many people into a packing panic. Not me. I’ve created a capsule wardrobe that fits nicely into a single carry-on bag. [Ok, I’m also bringing a backpack for my laptop and reading matter. Mid-trip I’m going to Lisbon for three days and will ditch the laptop and use the backpack for a […]

Gray hair before & after with custom color palette. Joy Overstreet, Portland’s personal color analyst, custom color palettes, www.ColorStylePDX.com

Can gray hair make you look younger?

Gray hair is a natural aspect of being 50+. We should celebrate because we’re at least twice as wise and twice as interesting as we were at 25. Is this not something to be proud of? Did you also know that 20% of American women of caucasian background were blonde as children? And yet by the age […]

Looking good in black. Joy Overstreet, Portland’s personal color consultant, custom color palettes, www.ColorStylePDX.com.

Understanding BLACK in your wardrobe

Should you wear black? The color black is beloved by Parisian and New York women. That doesn’t mean it’s a great color for them, and it doesn’t mean it’s a great color for you, either. In fact, of all the personal color palettes I’ve done for clients, only about 15% include any black. Interestingly, even […]

Clothing waste is a global polluter. Fast fashion. Joy Overstreet, Personal Color Analyst, ColorStylePDX.com, Portland OR.

Are you a Clothing Polluter?

How “fast fashion” hurts everyone. Did you know: On average an American buys 64 garments a year? He/she throws away and/or donates 82 pounds of clothing a year? 85% of what we toss ends up in landfill because thrift shops can’t keep up? Americans send 10.5 million tons of clothing to landfills every year? 98% of the clothes we buy […]

A Sandy Spring, personal color analysis, Joy Overstreet, color consultant, ColorstylePDX.com Portland OR

Before-After Photoshoot at Nordstrom: Megan

Megan: A Sandy Spring Megan is the seventh client we (personal stylist Margo Passadore and I) took to Nordstrom in downtown Portland for a “Before and After” photo shoot. Megan is a sporty gal who bikes across town to work at the Nature Conservancy, which suits her environmentally-conscious lifestyle. She is a Sandy Spring, which means she looks best […]