The Analysis Process


“You’ve given me the tools to put together a wardrobe that is not only super flattering, it also makes me look and feel much more confident, credible and professional.

Shopping is simpler now that I can just walk on by those colors that don't look good on me. I've already saved money by avoiding purchases that used to hang unworn in my closet.”  
                                                    Grace L., a 'Classic Winter'.

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If you think maybe so... here's how it works:

You: the overview

We begin the 2-1/2 hour consultation with an assessment of your body and facial structure, your personality, your style history and preferences, your contrast levels and color quality. Then I determine the color temperature and exact hue of your skin, eyes and hair. (Very few people are all "warm" or all "cool" which is why simple color tools rarely work well.) Based on this overview I select a palette that comes the closest to matching your color harmony. I have 24 different base palettes to start from, SIX for each season (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter), because there's great variability within each season.

You: your colors up close

Next, I dismantle the starting fan and refine the palette, color stick by color stick, to better match your unique harmony. If a color is off, I find better sticks from other fans. Along the way you get to check every choice in a hand-held mirror, so you can see for yourself how different colors enhance (or sabotage) your looks. Some of the differences are subtle, but important. (Think eye exam...1 or 2? 2 or 3? 1 or 3?) After you approve of the palette, we conclude the appointment with a discussion of how best to use your new color fan as it pertains to your seasonal type, body type and lifestyle. Your new fan comes with a detailed color-user's manual describing how best to use each stick and how to build a wardrobe that brings out your very best.

Your closet: the optional frosting on the cake that is the New You

The Wardrobe Workshop for One in your closet is optional, but highly recommended. Your closet provides everything we need for a class on your best styles: how your seasonal qualities play out in color, design and shape; what makes for your best proportions and fit; and with my support you get to choose what stays and what goes, while understanding exactly why. It's very empowering.

ColorStyle Analysis Pricing

Individual consultation: What you get...

Gray hair before & after with custom color palette. Joy Overstreet, Portland’s personal color analyst, custom color palettes,

  • A 2-1/2 hour close-up analysis of your personal coloring and seasonal style, in which you are a full collaborator.
  • Your unique color palette of about 100 contemporary hues, hand-assembled in our California color lab of gorgeous fabric swatches and then labeled by me on how to use each stick. It's your permanent shopping companion.
  • Clothing style suggestions best for your body and life circumstances
  • Makeup color and application suggestions
  • Hair color advice if you dye it, or if you want to stop dyeing it, or need tips on going gray gracefully (here's a great Before & After example)
  • Bonus: A detailed manual on how to use use each color most powerfully and how to express your seasonal style
  • Bonus: tips on how to clear your closet and assemble a smaller more flexible and flattering wardrobe

Your investment for this transformational process and tool, which will save you money and dressing stress for decades to come, is $495. Best value is to combine it with the Wardrobe Workshop for One, a class in your closet, for an additional $225.

Mom, a rose-tone Summer and daughter, a golden Spring. Getting ready for the wedding.

Mom, a rose-tone Summer and Bride, a golden Spring.

Double the Fun! Bring a friend, spouse, daughter, etc: What you get...

  • Two ColorStyle Consultations, as described above, done individually in a 4-hour time slot, for an investment of $850 (15% off the individual price), plus
    • The learning and affirmation that comes from watching as the process unfold on someone else
    • Feedback from a friend you trust, and confirmation our color choices are on the right track.
  • Pre-Wedding add-on: For the Bride and her mother (or maid of honor) - help with dress styles, theme colors, etc. Add $95

Other offerings: Informative talks, workshops and classes, one-on-one style coaching and shopping trips. I am both flexible and creative.

Call me at 360-903-3659 for more information or to schedule an appointment, or email me here: