You: the overview

We begin the 2-1/2 hour consultation with an assessment of your body and facial structure, your personality, your style history and preferences, your contrast levels and color quality. Then I determine the color temperature and exact hue of your skin, eyes and hair. (Very few people are all "warm" or all "cool" which is why simple color tools rarely work well.) Based on this overview I select a palette that comes the closest to matching your color harmony. I have 24 different base palettes to start from, SIX for each season (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter), because there's great variability within each season.

You: your colors up close

Next, I dismantle the starting fan and refine the palette, color stick by color stick, to better match your unique harmony. If a color is off, I find better sticks from other fans. Along the way you get to check every choice in a hand-held mirror, so you can see for yourself how different colors enhance (or sabotage) your looks. Some of the differences are subtle, but important. (Think eye exam...1 or 2? 2 or 3? 1 or 3?) After you approve of the palette, we conclude the appointment with a discussion of how best to use your new color fan as it pertains to your seasonal type, body type and lifestyle. Your new fan comes with a detailed color-user's manual describing how best to use each stick and how to build a wardrobe that brings out your very best.

Your closet: the optional frosting on the cake that is the New You

The Wardrobe Workshop for One in your closet is optional, but highly recommended. Your closet provides everything we need for a class on your best styles: how your seasonal qualities play out in color, design and shape; what makes for your best proportions and fit; and with my support you get to choose what stays and what goes, while understanding exactly why. It's very empowering.