Why should you “have your colors done?”

Joy Overstreet, Color consultant, image consultant, Portland OR, Vancouver WA

Here’s what my clients say:

1. Shopping is much easier and less stressful. My palette keeps me focused on clothes in colors that work for me; everything else I ignore.

2. I’ve saved a lot of money because I no longer buy clothes in colors that make me look bad (and never get worn).

3. I have learned how to use my colors to bring out my best features, and my seasonal style to look most natural.

4. I was able to streamline my closet. I eliminated space-hogging “orphan”  garments that went with nothing. The clothes that remain can breathe and it’s amazing how well they work together.

5. I no longer stand in front of my closet each morning panicking about what to wear. I know that whatever I choose will look make me look good.

6. I know how to choose colors intentionally to make me look more authentic, credible, powerful, playful, approachable, low-key, or simply romantic.

7. When I know I look great, I feel great. And the compliments I get are such a confidence-booster!

Q.  How do you do a personal color & style analysis?

A.  Look here!